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The song you are listening to now is "Leap of Faith" from this Grammy winning CD!I'm so thrilled, not only for myself, but for the 5 exec producers, 37 recording artists, and writers and musicians who all contributed to spread a message that is vital today!  Here are both Newsday articles by Glenn Gamboa:


"Leap of Faith," performed by Marla and written with Nancy Schimmel, is part of a CD compilation called ALL ABOUT BULLIES -- BIG AND SMALL. Today I learned that the CD has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Children's Recording!  This is the second Grammy nomination for producer Steve Pullara, of Cool Beans Music, and his team. 

I was honored to have my song chosen, and find my music in the company of such greats as Peter Alsop, Les Julian, Steve Van Zandt, Dave Kinnoin, Jonathan Sprout, Judy Pancoast, Debbie and Friends, and more!

Here is a quote from Steve Pullara's press release :  

Bullying can happen to anyone, but together we can change that by bringing awareness to the community.  We can all be instrumental in helping create a safe school environment and community for our children.

These artists understand the emotions connected to bullying. Enjoy listening to their helpful hints and reflections of life's lessons in this amazing collection. All About Bullies... Big and Small is designed to put an innovative and heartfelt twist on the subject that can be discussed at the dinner table, on the playground and in the school classroom.

Always keep in mind, we have another tomorrow and that bullying shouldn't be a part of childhood.

All proceeds from the CD will be donated to www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org.

Click here to hear samples and learn more about this amazing compilation!

For the fifth summer in a row, Marla will be at the KidZone tent entertaining kids and families at the Great South Bay Music Festival in Patchogue, NY, on Sunday, July 17 at Noon.  Come on down for a great time!

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Thanks to the overwhelming response my latest creation, "Se Habla Espanol," I am now inspired to create a video for it.  To make it great, I need YOU!

Here's how you can help:  Please send me your best photos of your visits to any Spanish speaking country in the world.  If your photo is chosen for my video, your name will appear in the end credits, and I'll send you an autographed DVD of the finished product.

I'm looking for great pics of landmarks, natural beauty, and native peoples doing something cultural -- you, know the National Geographic kinda thing.  If you have a video clip, that's great too!  Just reply to this email and attach your media.  Be sure to identify the country you visited.

Thanks a million in advance, and stay tuned!

Direct from my mind to you!  Chocolate for your ears :) click here: http://www.marlalewis.com/listen.  My new song, Se Habla Espanol, is right at the top of the heap.

Sarah inspired lots and lots of people to create sock puppets for her video, "Going Under." Sarah sings and strums her way through colorful sets, like she's part of the puppet show.  Even better than all all that, is the song!  So catchy, I wanted to listen over and over. Sarah's engaging personality.  Click here and enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko2pgEx8ulg

The four youngest, Peggy and me are actually swimming in the bay. the kids are covered with sand from head to toe. Pix coming soon!

After months of creating, shooting, and tweaking, I have FINALLY finished my latest video creation, "Feet, Feet!"

Check it out: I bet you've never seen so many feet in three minutes!

Please leave a comment on my YouTube page, if you are so inclined:

Thanks so much for your support! Enjoy!

Even as we speak, Ghislain LeBlanc is designing a brand new app for me!  As soon as it's done, I'll send you all a link so you can download it and find out all the latest news, hear lots of streaming music, and watch videos as well.


Stay tuned!

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