by Marla Lewis

Released 2013
Plumjuice Records
Released 2013
Plumjuice Records
Do you like jug band music, jazz and rock? This EP will delight kids and parents alike with its diverse musical styles about amazing things -- like, how do they make cocoa?; what do I do if I'm nervous about going back to school?; and more!
True to form, Marla's new EP explores many musical styles and wacky subject matter.

"Back to School," a rock tune, deals with conquering back to school anxiety.
"Cocoa!" has an African flavor and describes how cocoa is made.
For the songs, "Feet, Feet!" and Kalico Kat's Jug Band," Marla brought in The Bluelights, a great jug band from Connecticut. The songs are about the weirdest feet you'll find in the animal kingdom, and the folks that play in a jug band, respectively.
"Jammin" is a jazz tune that'll get the entire family up and swingin!
Finally, "Everybody's Irish on St Patrick's Day" will transport you to the front row at a Saint Patrick's Day parade.