I Love to Talk to Plants

by Marla Lewis

Released 2013
Plumjuice Records
Released 2013
Plumjuice Records
Kids and parents will revel in the sounds of Brazilian, African, Cuban, big band, classical, country and more!. A must have for Jessica Harper fans. Winner of Parents' Choice Gold.
"Marla Lewis is one of the best creators of Childrens music in America today. Her songs are irresistibly entertaining and intelligent, filled with a warm wit and happy heart. Choose any of her excellent CD's --you will discover something wonderful."
-- Steve Cahill / President, Songwriters Resource Network

"This is a very well produced children's CD featuring truly rich vocals to go along with a lovely assortment of tunes and styles. The influences and rhythms span the cultural globe from Brazilian, African and Cuban sounds, to big band, classical and country music. The song "Mighty Jackie (The Strikeout Queen)" is sure to be a breakout hit in your car."
– The National Parenting Center

Each song is its own adventure movie. You can step into the rain forest and check out the wildlife; meet the hippo and tortoise who became lifelong friends in Kenya; watch Jackie Mitchell, a small 17 year old girl, strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in an exhibition baseball game (true story!); witness a little girl and her friends bravely stare down a bully....and more. Do you like to talk to plants? Do you have weird dreams? Do you wish you could fly? Do you love Halloween? It's all in here!

One last thing: The song "Leap of Faith" also appears on the Grammy winning CD, "All About Bullies...Big and Small," which won Best Children's Recording in 2011.

Listen and enjoy!