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Marla Lewis Releases Spooky New Single

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 by Troy Johnstone

In the vein of “Zoot Suit Riot” and “Friend Like Me” (Disney’s Aladdin), and the American jazz and ska genres, children’s music singer and songwriter Marla Lewis comes up aces with the Halloween-themed “The Boogey Woogey Man”. It’s not necessarily a Halloween song, though, if you jive to the beat and are hip to the dizzying drums, and the easy-to-follow lyrics, this tune is a riot, nonetheless. Engineered and produced by Grammy Winner, Bob Stander, “The Boogey Woogey Man” is from Lewis’ 2009 album, I Love To Talk To Plants.

Lewis, a former teacher from New Jersey, has perfect pitch and is instantly fun. Once you hear his tapping feet…beware he’s a skeleton underneath, sings Lewis. The imagery and description of this top-hatted dancer (I kept picturing Fred Astaire meets The Addams’ Family’s Gomez and the Monopoly Man…only a skeleton!) is vivid and child friendly. After a few spins, I was definitely intrigued by this man’s backstory. Little ears or not, this song is full of melody and swing. It’s all mixed under Lewis’ welcoming voice. She’s friendly and rides the bumps and jumps with just as much enthusiasm as a young student. It makes you feel good and reminds me of a good old fashioned fun time. No swear words, no gory details that would frighten a child or student – just a plethora of music and emerging colors

The strands of the inferred blacks and devilish reds – especially during the funeral-like organ section, still have ends that rise with optimism and light. This song paints the canvas with golds, oranges and bright yellows. I felt like Lewis really hones into the mindset of her fan – and knowing full well the questions and day-to-day conversations she had as a teacher, her young students left quite an impression. I felt that in listening to “The Boogey Woogey Man” and I have an immense appreciation for an artist that can excel at that skill. Again, parent or not, this is a song that benefits younger kids and gives them the feel-goodery that we all need. It’s all in jest and it’s all about celebrating the unknown. I think there are lessons to learn in this song that maybe Lewis never intended. These might include friendship, inclusivity and certainly activity. Get up and dance! Trick or treat – and get some dance time in before, after and during.

A jazz song for the youngsters or ska-like tune for the hipsters, “The Boogey Woogey Man” will have you shaking in your boots in a good way. Lewis is a Parent’s Choice Gold winner, and her other albums include We All Laugh In The Same Language (2007) and her latest album, Songbook. This October 2021 release features 14 original smooth jazz songs, including “Blue Horizon” and “Kill The Lights”. Be sure to check out both these songs and you might find yourself falling under Lewis’ spell. She’s one indie artist to keep on your radar. “The Boogey Woogey Man” is a must-have for any Halloween or fall playlist. Kids of all ages will agree.