Written with the wonderful Anna Moo. We hope this tune brings you some comfort these days!


Help is on the way
©2020 by Anna Moo and Marla Lewis

When you stare out the window
All through the night
Can’t bear to face the day
And you’re lost and in limbo
Hold on real tight
‘Cause help is on the way

No matter what’s going on,
We’re gonna make it better
Every little fear will fade away...
Don’t forget to breathe my friend,
We’re all in this together!
We’re gonna be okay

Cause Help is on the way!
Help is on the way
Through the night and day
Help is on the way

When the hard times are comin’
I got your back
We’ll keep the blues at bay
When your whole world is tumblin’
We’ll stay on track
Cause help is on the way


Let me remind you:
You’re not alone
My prayers are with you
So pick up that phone

(Instrumental over verse)


Help is on the way…..