1. Cocoa!

From the recording Cocoa!

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2013 by Marla Lewis
On a cold, cold, day we drink hot cocoa
Steaming in the cocoa cup
Tickling our tongues and our tummies
As we drink the cocoa up!
Where’s it come from?
Hey, good question!
How’d they make it?
Let’s find out!
Google cocoa in the computer
Click the link and read about:
The Cocoa! (Everybody!) Cocoa!
Cocoa! (So de-licious!) Cocoa!

It says, the cocoa comes from cocoa beans
In pods that grow on cocoa trees
Cocoa grows way down in the tropics
Humid, eighty-five degrees
Iv’ry Coast produce de most
Then Ghana, Cameroon, Brazil
In its natural state, it’s bitter
You can’t drink that stuff until:

It’s Cocoa! (How’d they make it?) Cocoa!
Cocoa! (It’ Amazing) Cocoa!
Cocoa cup! Cocoa Cup!
Cocoa cup! Cocoa Cup! (repeat)

When the pods turn green they’re opened
So the pulp and beans dry in the sun
Melting pulp gives chocolaty flavor
Got to wait till melting’s done!
Then the beans are dried and raked
And fin’lly stomped by human feet! (Wow!)
Next they’re shipped to factories
Where sugar’s added, now it’s sweet!

Cocoa (Finally it’s) Cocoa!
Cocoa! (So de-licious!) Cocoa!