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Marla Lewis has just released her first smooth jazz album, SONGBOOK. The first single from SONGBOOK, "Blue Horizon",has received worldwide radio play and  reached the charts:  #19 on the US Top Twenty, Los Angeles, #13 on the World Indie charts, and #13 on the Euro Indie Charts. "Kill the Lights," the second single, is currently #30 on both the Euro and Indie charts at the moment.

And the reviews are in! Colin Jordan calls Blue Horizon "...a cosmic beauty with an otherworldly quality to it  like it stepped out of Hollywood or the heyday of Jazz Standards."  Mindy McCall of IndiePulse says, " Lewis and her long-time producer and Grammy winner Bob Stander have truly crafted a once-in-a-lifetime song that’s a testament to love and the belief in a better tomorrow, and it will undoubtedly go down as one of the true musical highlights of 2021.  It almost feels like a missing show tune from the golden age of leaves you breathless."  Garth Thomas of The Hollywood Digest writes, "I view Blue Horizon as a love letter to Jazz and the American Standards." (More reviews on the PRESS page)

With SONGBOOK, Marla switched genres from Children's Music to Smooth Jazz!  Marla says, "It feels like s natural progression.  The music flows out from my mind and heart to my voice and guitar. I feel like I'm channeling Michael Franks!" Marla has always worked with producer/engineer Bob Stander to create a "warm, velvety sound." Since SONGBOOK was recorded entirely during the pandemic, all the musicians recorded multiple takes from their home studios, and Bob artfully pieced everything together as if everyone was together.  Marla states, "I had to record my vocals at home too!"  You'd never know it.

Marla broadcasts live every week on her Wednesday Serenades on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter at 7:30 PM EDT.  Marla says, "it's a blast! I sing songs from SONGBOOK, plus some tunes from my children's albums, along with new songs I'm writing.  I have written enough for my next album!"

Marla has a song on a Grammy-Winning CD!  Her tune, "Leap of Faith," co- written with Nancy Schimmel, appears on the album, ALL ABOUT BULLIES...BIG AND SMALL, which won Best Children's Recording at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Marla's Song, "Celebrating Kwanzaa," appeared in an independent film, Father vs. Son, co-starring Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family.  Marla also wrote 40 tunes for two seasons of The Super Supremes, an Internet cartoon show. She also composed over fifty songs for children who are seriously ill through Songs of Love, a national charitable organization. (Check out some of those tunes on the Songs of Love Page!)

Both of Marla's Children's CD's have won prominent national and international awards. Her first,  We All Laugh in the Same Language, was awarded NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications) Gold and Parents' Choice.  Her second CD,  I Love to Talk to Plants, won NAPPA Honors and Parents' Choice Gold.  Many of her songs have received individual awards as well. (See Awards page).  

For 23 years, Marla worked as an elementary school teacher of English as a Second Language.  In this capacity, she created songs and literacy programs to teach English to her ESL students in a fun way.  One of these programs, entitled We Love to Read, co-written with ESL teacher Bernadette Falletta, is a musical/phonics program geared especially to learners of English.


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