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Down in Old Hawaii
©2005 by Marla Lewis

How’d you like to be
Down in old Hawaii (Come away)
And taste the mahi mahi (Come and play)
And feel the Trade Winds blow?

How’d you like to see
Waterfalls and rainbows? (Everywhere)
You can see a rainbow (In the air)
Everywhere you go!

The sun will rise
On a paradise
Where lush pineapples grow
We’ll drive to Kilauea
Or mighty Mauna Kea
And watch the lava flow!

How’d you like to play
With dolphins in the ocean (every day)
And turtles in slow motion, (come and play)
Wouldn’t it be fun?

They’re calling us, those Islands of Aloha
Hear those native drums?
Just follow me,
Hawaii, here we come!

(Solo over A, then continue

The stars will be
Our canopy
The moon will softly glow
And Ukulele Lula
Will teach you how to hula
If you’d like to know!

How’d you like to stay
Down in Honolulu? (for awhile)
We’ll buy a purple muumuu (so in style)
And surf at Waikiki!

They’re calling me, those Islands of Aloha
Here those native drums!
Just follow me, Hawaii,
Here we come!