1. Feet, Feet!

From the recording Cocoa!

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Feet, Feet!
©2007 by Marla Lewis

Camel’s feet are padded
For walkin’ on desert sand
Polar Bear’s are furry
For huntin’ on frozen land
Seal has feet like flippers
For swimmin’ in the sea
Squirrel has sharp and curvy claws
For climbin’ up a tree!

Feet, feet, all kinds of feet
On every creature that you meet
You’ll find a different kind of feet
To fit that creature nice and neat! (Repeat!)

Eagle has long talons
To scoop and capture prey
Duck and Swan have webbed feat
For paddlin’ ‘cross the bay
The claws of Armadillo
Dig holes deep in the ground
Horse’s hooves are custom made
For galloping around!

Feet, feet, ETC
(Bridge 1)
Quite unique are human feet
They romp and rock and roll!
Tap, tap, tappin’ to the beat
They got a lot of sole!

Feet, feet, ETC

(Bridge 2)
Snakes and snails, worms and whales
Slither, swim and crawl
Amazing how they get around
Without no feet at all!