1. In My Pocket

From the recording I Love to Talk to Plants


In My Pocket
©2005 by Les Julian and Marla Lewis

In my pocket
I got a pack of seeds
Gonna help grow the food that my village needs
Beans and barley
Carrots, corn and wheat
Till everybody’s got enough to eat!

Every day –yay – yay
Building dreams
In my pocket (yeah, yeah)
Got the tools I need
Every nigh – yi –yite
Got more drea – yee – yeem
In my pocket
That are callin’ me!

In my pocket
Got a hammer ‘n’ saw
Gonna help build shelter from the plans we draw
Bricks and mortar
Wood, cement, and stone
Soon everybody’s gonna have a home!

Every day –yay – yay, etc…

In my pocket
I got a special prayer
For all the people of the world to share
Black and yellow
Red and white and brown
In a peaceful world turnin’ round and round