1. Jackson Avenue
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Jackson Avenue
©2003 by Marla Lewis

When I was barely three
Sittin’ on my momma’s knee
I first heard Jazz and Blues
On Jackson Avenue

On stage a ten-piece band
The Hot Dogs of Dixieland
Zoot suits and shiny shoes
On Jackson Avenue

Snare drum snapped a beat
Pretty soon, man, you couldn’t help it, you tapped your feet!

Here come that saxophone!
Clarinet and slide trombone
String bass, piana too
On Jackson Avenue!

Them Saints came marchin’ in
The Hot Dogs were sizzlin’!
Wah-wah and toodle-oo
On Jackson Avenue!


Hear that solo swing!
Look! Cornet man steps up to the mike and begins to sing!

He smiles and winks at me
And quick as 1-2-3
We’re scattin’ in harmony
On Jackson Avenue

Today I’m scattin’ still
New York to Storyville
Ever since my big debut
On Jackson Avenue!
I learned my point of view
On Jackson Avenue!