1. Muskrat Rap
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Muskrat Rap
© 2005 by M. Lewis/B. Stander

James: Look at that funny, furry creature over there. What IS that?
Rebecca: I don’t know. Wanna go over and introduce ourselves?
James: You mean it TALKS?
Rebecca: Let’s go find out!

Two buck teeth, paddlin’ feet
Lakes and marshes, that’s my beat!
Fat and round, my fur is brown,
I burrow ‘way down underground
In my lodge I’m safe and sound
I swim for miles and dive with style

I’m a muskrat
Livin’ in my habitat!
Just a muskrat
In my fresh water habitat!

I wake up hungry, search for food
Breakfast, lunch, I’m in the mood
For lush, aquatic vegetation
Frogs and fish on rare occasion
Stayin’ alive’s my occupation
I don’t have time to take vacation!


Help! There’s predators on my trail!
Snappin’ Turtle just missed my tail!
Mink, Coyote, Owl and Pike
And Humans, it’s my fur they like1
Trappers, don’t be greedy and cruel!
I need my fur coat more than you!


I’m waterproof, yeah, that’s the truth!
I’m waterproof! I speak the truth!
Love my cattails – Horsetails – Pondweeds – Willows
Dee-licious! Vegetables! Yeah!


This lodge is sagging a little bit. It’s time for some Home Improvement!
Can you bring me over some bulrushes?…Yeah, right over there. Thanks!
Did you know I could stay underwater for fifteen minutes at a time?
Comes in handy, lemme tell ya!


Who’s that??? Uh-oh! Here come Mr. Mink! He look a little bit hungry… for ME! I gotta go. I’ll see ya later….Bye!