From the recording I Love to Talk to Plants

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7. My Room’s a Mess!
©2005 by Marla Lewis

I love to go into my room
I kick back and unwind there
But Mom says she will not come in
Because of what she’ll find there!

I got jeans all over my floor
Blue jeans all over my floor
I hang ‘em up and then
They tumble down again
What’d I hang ‘em up for?

Got shirts spillin’ outa my drawer
T-shirts spillin’ outa my drawer
I fold ‘em up but then
They’re spillin’ out again
What’d I fold ‘em up for?

My room’s a mess My room’s a mess!
No matter what I do No matter what I do
I do my best Do my best
To clean it through and through
But the very next day Very next day
A whirlwind hits A whirlwind hits!
And my poor room My poor room
Gets blown to bits!

Got shoes on top of my chair
Yeah, sneakers settin’ right there
I put ‘em back and then
They’re sneakin’ back again
I tell you, this is no fair!!

Got toys lyin’ everywhere
Yeah, toys lyin’ everywhere
I stack ‘em up and then
They scatter ‘round again
Mom says it’s a nightmare!

My room’s a mess….

I got socks way under my bed
Gym socks way under my bed (peee-ew!)
I pull ‘em out and then
They’re creepin’ back again
Think I’m losin’ my head
My room’s a mess….