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Round and Round
©2005 by Marla Lewis

Round like a button
Round like a ball
The plate on my table
The clock on my wall

Round like an orange
A lemon, a lime
A penny, a nickel
A quarter, a dime!

Round and round and round we go
Where we stop, we’ll never know
Spinning swiftly round the sun
We’re suddenly back where we started from!

Round like a planet
A moon or a star
Round like the wheel
That turns my car

A chocolate chip cookie
A blueberry pie,
A pizza, a meatball
Your head, your eye!

(Solo over verse)

Round like a ring
Or a lollipop
Round like a raindrop
When it goes plop!

Round like a zero
Round like an O
A frisbee, a CD,
A Cheerio!