From the recording I Love to Talk to Plants

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Drums – Shawn Murray
Bass – Bob Stander
Acoustic guitar – Marla
Keyboards – Paul Errico
Flute – Mario Cruz
Backup Vocals – Mark Newman
Congas and Brazilian percussion – Robyn Lobe


Sambas Swaying in the Trees
©2007 by Marla Lewis

Open the door to this song, and you have entered – the rain forest!

Drifting down the Amazon, in our balsa wood canoe
We dock along the riverbank, and marvel at the view
We step into the forest. Leaves crunch beneath our feet
Cicadas chirp a chorus in the tropical heat

Sambas swaying in the trees,
Orchids playing in the breeze,
As the dance of life flows on
Through the Land of Amazon
Crash of thunder, splash of rain
Seeking shelter once again
Underneath banana leaves
Sambas swaying in the trees

Look! That vine is moving now Whoa! It’s Boa stalking prey
He lunges at Iguana, but Iguana leaps away
Howler monkeys trumpet their territorial call
Brazilian Tapir grazes by a cool waterfall

Sambas swaying in the trees, etc

Mama tells me, “It’s time for bed now.
We’ll read more tomorrow night.”
Then she kisses my cheek and tucks me in
And turns out the light….
I dream…. Of Sambas swaying in the trees…..