From the recording I Love to Talk to Plants

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8. Will You Be My Mom?
©2005 by Marla Lewis

This song is based upon a true story! In the tsunami of 2005, a baby hippo got swept away from his family by a giant wave. The fishermen who rescued the hippo named him Owen, and brought him to Haller Wildlife Park in Kenya, Africa. That’s where Owen met Mzee, the 130-year-old giant tortoise. The two of them are close friends to this day!

Owen, the baby hippo
Lived with his hippo family
Till one day a great wave
Swept him out to sea
Fishermen saved the hippo
Took him into a wildlife park
He hid behind a giant tortoise there
And stayed till after dark, Singing:

Will you be my mom?
You look good to me
I’m alone and far from home
And I need a family!
Will you be my mom?
And take good care of me
I’m too young to have no one
Please keep me company!

“You’re kidding, right?” laughed the tortoise.
You don’t even have a shell like mine
My name’s M-Zee, the Old Man!
I’m not the mothering kind!”
But Owen the baby hippo
Snuggled right up to old M-Zee
Lay his head on that tortoise shell
And fell asleep right away! Singing:

Will you be my mom?...

They ate together, played together, napped together, too
Lounging in a pool of mud was their favorite thing to do!

Now Owen is feeling better.
He’s pinkish and brown and fat again
M-zee is always smiling
‘Cause he has found a friend!

And he says:
Sure, I’ll be your mom
You stick to me like glue!
After all this time together
I’ve grown fond of you!

Sure, I’ll be your mom
Now I know that’s wise
I’ll wipe your chin and tuck you in
And sing you lullabies!