From the recording Brave Little Seed

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The Brave Little Seed
By Valerie Smalkin and Marla Lewis

A brave little seed flew through the sky,
Over villages, valleys and hilltops so high.
She traveled all day, and into the night,
Till Wind set her down in the pale moonlight.

With a thump and a bump and a whack and a thwack,
She bounced from the curb to a sidewalk’s crack.
There she slept, feeling safe and secure,
Till Sun woke her up, then she wasn't so sure.

This was no garden, oh, no, not at all,
Just a crack in a sidewalk beside a brick wall.
Where was the soil and fresh water's flow?
Where was the shade? Oh, how would she grow?

“I’d like a garden, that’s certain,” she said,
“But I’ll have to grow in this crack here instead.
It won’t be easy to flower or sprout.
I wish there were someone around to help out!”

I wanna grow, I know---
I wanna grow, I know!

That's when you heard her. You stopped in your tracks
A seedling was singing right there in the cracks!
"Help me!" she cried, as you bent to your knees,
"Give me some shade and some water, Oh, Please?"

You said, "Sure enough! That's easy to do.
I'll bring an umbrella and sprinkler for you.”
Morning and evening you tended her spot,
So, she wouldn’t be thirsty and wouldn’t get hot.

I’m gonna grow, I know---
I’m gonna grow, I know!

“My name’s Petunia,” she sang as she grew,
Spreading her petals of purplish blue.
Basking in sunlight, relaxing in shade,
And drinking in rainfall, oh, she had it made!

But late in September, her soft petals fell,
You asked, “Oh, Petunia, aren’t you feeling well?”
She smiled and replied, “I live one season long.
I’m sorry, but this is the end of my song.”

(Both child and Petunia sing together)
I’m gonna miss you so
I’m gonna miss you so!

“Petunia,” you wondered, a tear in your eye,
“Why are you leaving, oh why must you die?”
She answered, “I can’t live in winter, my friend,
*But if YOU plant my seeds, you’ll have flowers again!”

You planted them everywhere, planted them all.
In flower pots, gardens, and fields big and small.
And just as she promised, they sprouted and grew,
By summer, the whole town glowed purplish blue!

Each year, petunias bloom early in spring.
Folks are so joyful they dance, and they sing.
They retell this story--and ask was it so?
That you sang with a Brave Little Seed long ago.