From the recording SONGBOOK VOLUME 2

Marla Lewis – Lead Vocals
Adam Minkoff and Gaby Sherba – Backup Vocals
Teddy Kumpel - Guitar
Mike Ricchiuti - Keyboards
Rob Jost - Bass
Erik Lawrence - Sax
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Bob Stander at Parcheesi Studios, Huntington Station, NY
Produced by Bob Stander


Viens Chez Moi Ce Soir
2022 by Marla Lewis

If you’d like a drink
And to hear yourself think
Viens Chez Moi Ce Soir

Where the candles glow
And the dances are slow
Viens Chez Moi Ce Soir

If you’re hungry, I’ll feed you
If you’re not, that’s fine
I can follow or lead you
Whatever, I don’t mind

Got an easy chair
And some aged camembert
Viens Chez Moi Ce Soir

I can make you laugh,
Draw a warm bubble bath
Viens Chez Moi Ce Soir

We can take in the sunrise.
From my balcony
So, viens chez moi ce soir
And spend some time with me