From the recording SONGBOOK VOLUME 2

Marla Lewis – Lead Vocals
Teddy Kumpel - Guitar
Mike Ricchiuti - Keyboards
Rob Jost - Bass
Erik Lawrence - Sax
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Bob Stander at Parcheesi Studios, Huntington Station, NY
Produced by Bob Stander


This is only a Test
2022 by Marla Lewis

(Testing, testing, one, two!
Check! Check, one, two, Check, one, two!)

This is only a test
I got twenty-five seconds to showtime
Only a test
Gotta breathe, this is get-up-and-go time!
Set my mixer, set my mic
Got some tunes I think they’ll like
I been practicin’ all day
Hope they tune in and stay…
(Here we go!)

But This is only a test
Can you see me okay? Can you hear me?
Only a test
Am I coming through loudly and clearly?
If you’re out there, Let me know
Send emotes and say hello
Where you from, hey, how’s the weather?
You like rhythm and rhyme?
We’ll have a good time!

‘Cause This is only a test
Hey there, Van from Spokane, how ya doin?
Only a test
Welcome, Donna, and David and Susan!
Look, there’s Jayne from Bangor, Maine
Says all day it’s pouring rain
Hey, Tammy from Miami
Thanks for the heart
Hey, that’s a start!
Cause this is only a test

Sax solo

Oh, no! folks are disappearing
Didn’t they dig me?
Hey, it’s no biggie…

This was only a test. (Check)
Only a test (Test, one two!)
Only a test, only a test
ONLY a –is this thing ON??