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Live-blogging The Grammys pre-showSunday February 12, 2012 3:58 PM By Glenn GamboaWelcome to a somber Grammy night. We'll be live-blogging the pre-telecast awards, Here we go:4:15 Paul McCartney's "Band on the Run" wins best historical album4:29 pm -- Skrillex wins best remix Grammy for "Cinema," .4:45 pm --5:16 pm -- "All about Bullies... Big and Small," a compilation that includes a song from Wantagh's Marla Lewis, wins best children's album Grammy.” - Glenn Gamboa

— Newsday Online

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  Lynne Heffley of the LA Times has this to say about I Love to Talk to Plants: A delight from singer/songwriter Marla Lewis, who brings enormous warmth and creativity to memorable songs that are as varied as the story of real-life 1931 baseball "strike-out queen" Jackie Mitchell and a life-celebrating, affectionate conversation with dandelions and morning glories. By turns humorous and soulful, Lewis sings about messy rooms, weird dreams and making a difference in the world. Her tribute to late Cuban salsa legend Celia Cruz ("Whenever Celia Sings") and "Sambas Swaying in the Trees," are, quite simply, musical gold” - Lynne Heffley/Parents' Choice review

— Long Angeles Times

Seal of Approval Winner, Holiday '07 "This audio CD sneaked up on our testers. Plum Juice Records is not exactly a well-known, music publishing powerhouse, but don't let that fool you. This is a very well produced children's CD featuring truly good vocals to go along with a really nice assortment of tunes and styles. This is not your standard musical kids fare, the influences and rhythms span the cultural globe from Brazilian, African and Cuban sounds, to big band, classical and country music. The song "Mighty Jackie (The Strikeout Queen)" is sure to be a breakout hit in your car!" ”

— National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Review

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